GRICHKA and IGOR Bogdanoffs Activates CRAB – 22

wojak doomer zoomer did Igor and Grichka Bogdanoffs activates Crab 22
#wojak #bogdanoff #crypto

wojak zoomer doomer and chad came to the funeral of bogdanoff (PART -2)

RIP to our Legends Grichka and Igor Bogdanoffs

in this episode

Grichka bogdanoff and igor bogdanoff commanded the big sharks to pump eet crypto market, whereas doomer who did not sold his cryptos in episode 1 got notification and he checks his phone he was shocked by seeing 9 million dollars portfolio, he quits his 9-5 at macdonalds and he was being attacked again in the wave of this crab 22……..zoomer thinks elon started it or was it another tactic plan of bogdanoffs brothers ???

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