Dive into Azure Blockchain Service

Let’s take a deeper look at Azure Blockchain Service, a fully managed ledger service that helps users grow and operate blockchain networks at scale. In this session, we’ll use the Azure Blockchain Service API to build and manage blockchain networks and deploy our smart contracts. Next, we’ll explore how to capture contract and transaction data in the cloud with the Blockchain Data Manager. Along the way, we’ll use VS Code to code, test, and deploy Ethereum smart contracts.

Presenter: Meaghan Lewis
Meaghan Lewis is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. She currently focuses on creating and delivering learning experiences centered around emerging technology for Microsoft Reactors worldwide. Meaghan has a super power in quality engineering and previously worked in the QA field for nearly a decade. Meaghan has a passion for teaching lifelong learners and has spent years speaking at conferences and delivering online courses.

Additional Resources:
Azure Blockchain Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/blockchain/


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