Coinbase Amp Quiz Answers! Free $3 AMP Token!
Questions and Answers:

Q: What is Amp?
A: A collateral token

Q: How is Amp used on Flexa today?
A: Instant settlement assurance

Q: What can you earn by staking Amp on Flexa?
A: AMP rewards

I hope you guys enjoy! This takes just a minute and can quickly help you get $3 worth of AMP that you can add to your portfolio! This Amp Token coinbase quiz is a super easy and quick way to get $3 worth of the coin without needing to purchase anything!

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I have heard some people say they are put on a waitlist for the coin after completing the quiz :/ im sorry if that is you, but you just have to wait a few days and then you should see it deposited in your account!

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