Intuitively Obvious to the Most Casual Observer

Weechat isn't lightweight

Weechat is often billed as the not-so-fat cousin to irssi. I’m not entirely sure where people got the idea that irssi was bloated, but it’s out there, and it creates a niche that weechat supposedly fills perfectly.

~ cd irssi
~/irssi sloc src
  Language  Files   Code  Comment  Blank  Total
     Total    317  56169     4221  13271  73661
         C    311  55915     4192  13185  73292
      Perl      6    254       29     86    369
~/irssi cd ../weechat/
~/weechat sloc src
  Language  Files    Code  Comment  Blank   Total
     Total    323  146078    17226  25161  188465
         C    300  145515    16783  25013  187311
     CMake     23     563      443    148    1154

Uh-oh. Weechat has almost three times as much code. Not very convincing so far. But hey, it’s also billed as “modular” - what if we don’t count all the modules?

~/weechat cd src
~/weechat/src ls
CMakeLists.txt  core  gui  plugins

To be fair, we’ll need to count both the core and gui directories, since the latter is the curses interface, which isn’t really optional.

~/weechat/src sloc core gui
  Language  Files   Code  Comment  Blank  Total
     Total    107  57309     6233   8226  71768
         C    103  57158     6151   8190  71499
     CMake      4    151       82     36    269

So, after ignoring all plugins (many of which implement functionality irssi has built-in anyway), we’re left with 1200 more lines of code. Not bloated, but definitely far from “lightweight”.

If you think irssi bloated, I recommend you use ii. Not because it’s actually any good, but because it’ll disabuse you of the notion that irssi’s size is a serious problem. (You can tell it’s great because it’s hosted on

All glory to sloc - the source-lines-of-code counter that isn’t bloated.